Lessons from the Destrehan Sex Scandal

If you hadn’t heard of Destrehan, Louisiana before, you probably certainly have now. Reports of a male Destrehan high school student having a tryst with two of his female teachers have been in the national spotlight since the story erupted last week and has competed with ISIS and Ebola as the lead stories for several major media outlets.

While the story is shocking, we really shouldn’t be particularly shocked in an age where the media glorifies lewd conduct by celebrities and makes celebrities out of others due to outlandish behavior. In fact, celebrity sex scandals are so commonplace that there is even a band called Celebrity Sex Scandal and one of their songs is entitled “Ode to Katy Perry,” a tribute to a popular but controversial American singer, whose own breakthrough hit is entitled, “I Kissed a Girl.” And, of course, there are the Kardashian sex tapes, Miley Cyrus twerking and other types of outlandish behavior by celebrities that occurs on an almost daily basis.

I’m certainly not excusing the conduct of the two teachers involved, who violated a trust that is considered sacred to the teacher-student relationship. Teachers are supposed to be role models for their students, not menage a trois partners. But are we really surprised by this conduct when the popular culture and mainstream media fill the airwaves with stories that would even make the ancient Romans blush?

Another lesson from the scandal is that parents need to talk to their children about what parents don’t particularly like to talk to their children about. If parents don’t try to educate their children about sex, then their only teacher will be constant blare of social media, the airwaves and the popular culture, which are all pushing sex.

Parents also need to take the time to understand, listen, be available and be a friend to their children, who are often struggling with puberty and peer pressure. Otherwise, kids may be driven to seek affection and attention in ways that could knock their young lives off track before they even get started.

It is apparent that the Destrehan sex scandal, which is just getting started, is going to hurt and possibly ruin many lives, which include the parents, spouse and children of the accused. Sex is a powerful part of our culture and claims many victims. We need to do our best to protect our loved ones from its lure.

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